A weekend away in Antwerp

A weekend away in Antwerp

Last weekend we had a weekend away in Antwerp. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Antwerp.

A weekend away in Antwerp

A weekend away in Antwerp

We travel to Antwerp by car and left The Netherlands on friday afternoon. After checking in the hotel, we went for dinner, because we were quite hungry.

Korean beef at Lucy Chang

We went to the Lucy Chang restaurant and I had the Korean beef with noodles. I must say it is a yummy dish, but I expected the dish to be a bit different. The noodles are separate, so I could mix the noodles with the beef myself. Because it was already late we didn’t do much on friday evening. We went back to the hotel and watched the serie Million Yen Woman on Netflix.

Vinyl shopping

On saturday we strolled around in Antwerp for vinyl shopping. A few years ago I started to buy vinyls and my vinyl collection is growing rapidly. I gave the vinyl virus to my boyfriend and he has been buying a lot of vinyls himself. We stopped by a lot of different vinyl shops, but I don’t see a lot of vinyls which I want to buy. Maybe because the fact that I have so much already. Nonetheless I bought one vinyl, the debut album of Nouvelle Vague.

Nouvelle Vague

I like that the vinyl is clear colored. The other vinyl of Nouvelle Vague which I have is pink colored.


The weather was so so on saturday, rainy with some sunshine in between. Luckily there is Ladurée, which always makes me happy with their macarons.

I chose a small box this time, with 4 macaron flavors in total.

Laduree heart macaron

In my box there are the flavors Lily of the valley, Lavender, Ginger and Chocolate. The ginger macaron is heartshaped, isn’t it so cute? Usually I am not a fan of ginger and the ginger flavor of this macaron is pretty strong. But I couldn’t resist the cute shape of this macaron flavor. I am also a huge fan of the Ladurée ice cream.

Ladurée ice cream

I have the yummy rose ice cream and my boyfriend has vanilla flavor. The ice cream is so good! I really love the rose flavor macaron and ice cream. Try the ice cream of Ladurée when you get the chance!

Big carousel

Antwerp carousel

Next to Antwerp Central Station there is this big carousel. We took a picture, but we didn’t felt like going into the carousel. It was quite a busy weekend in Antwerp. Even though the weather wasn’t great on saturday, lots of people were shopping.

After a day of shopping we got hungry and we went to the Berlin restaurant.

Steak at Berlin

First I was not sure what to order yet. But then I went for the steak and fries. To my surprise the steak was huge! It was very yummy. Even though I have not bought a lot of stuff, my belly is very happy with all the yummy food.

Belgian waffle

Belgian waffle

On sunday morning we had our breakfast before checking out. Whoohoo you can make your own waffle in the restaurant! I had waffles on saturday and sunday. Of course we are in Belgium after all, who doesn’t love the Belgian waffles?

I really enjoyed my weekend away, unfortunately it is always too short! Antwerp, until next time! Do you like Antwerp? Leave a comment below!

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