Animation Your Name movie review

Animation Your Name movie review

There is a new animation movie out now, hence this post is about the animation Your Name movie review.

Animation Your Name movie review

Animation Your Name movie review

Your Name is a Japanese animation movie. Mitsuha is a bright young girl who lives in a small village. She is a high school girl and lives with her sister and grandmother. Mitsuha thinks that her life in the village is boring and wishes to live in Tokyo instead. Taki is a high school boy who lives in Tokyo and has a part time job in a restaurant.

Somehow Mitsuha and Taki ends up switching bodies with each other after a night sleep. They begin to exchange messages with each other by leaving notes in each others phone and note book. The two actually begins to develop a friendship with each other, even though they have never met. Mitsuha tells Taki about a comet which will pass earth on the day of her town festival.

Taki waits for the comet to pass earth, but he does not see it. After this night the body exchange stops and Taki tries to call Mitsuha without success. He decides to travel to the small village. Will Taki find Mitsuha?

My thoughts on Your Name

Animation Your Name movie review

I am not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys, but there are some things I want to comment on. Firstly, Your Name is a beautiful animation! The story is very touching and lovely. Your Name is actually based on a novel and there is also a manga too. Your Name is a story about fate, time, hope and love.

Although this is an animation movie, I highly recommend it! The movie has some elements of humor and I think this movie is very moving. If you like beautiful movies, Your Name is a must watch!



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