City trip to Reykjavík in Iceland

City trip to Reykjavík in Iceland

In november we had our city trip to Reykjavík in Iceland, right after New York. In this post I will tell you more about our holiday.

City trip to Reykjavík in Iceland

We fly from JFK to Keflavik airport on sunday evening. Because we fly at 7.30 pm, we will arrive the following morning on monday in Reykjavík. Since it is such a short flight, I barely sleep during the night flight. We arrive on monday morning in Reykjavík at 6.15 am. From the airport we take a bus transfer with Gray Line Iceland to our hotel.

We arrive around 9 am at our Frón Hotel, which is in the city center. Luckily our room is already ready, so we can have a early check-in. Because we fly early in the morning on thursday, they also allow us to have a breakfast. I eat some toast and go back to bed to catch some sleep. I am exhausted from the night flight and I think we have some jet lag too.

After our nap we decide to book a northern light tour for the evening. We first grab some pizza at a pizzeria and the food is okay. I have a nachos pizza, which is not too bad. Unfortunately the pizza of my boyfriend is burnt. The prices of the restaurants in Iceland is pretty expensive. For two pizzas and two cokes, we have to pay 55 euros.  They need to import a lot of things to Iceland, hence that everything is more expensive than usual.

Northern lights

northern lights

The northern lights is something that I always want to see, so I am very excited for this tour. We book our tour with Gray Line and they pick us up with a touring bus. The tour guide is pretty funny and he says that we are going to look for the lights.

The bus drives to the north and we have a first stop. There we see only a bit of the northern lights. Unfortunately with my iPhone 5 SE I am not able to capture anything. I try to install a special app for northern lights, but that app doesn’t seem to work either. I left my camera at home unfortunately, I should have take it with me, I know!

During a second stop we don’t see anything at all and the temperature keeps dropping. Then we take a break and grab something to drink. I am a bit disappointed at this point and I really hope that we can get to see the northern lights after all.

At our third stop suddenly the northern lights are visible in the sky and it is truly an amazing view! I also see some shooting stars during this night, which is awesome. The northern lights are green this night and my boyfriend capture a lot of photos on his phone. The temperature drops to – 15 °C and even though we are wearing thermal clothing, it is still very cold!

northern lights

We drive back and we keep seeing the northern lights in the sky. Then we make a final stop, since the colors are so beautiful and we see some very beautiful lights. I wish I could capture this moment, it is really magical. After that we get a drop off at our hotel and it’s around 2 am.

Reykjavík city center

After an incredible and tiring first day, we decide to take it slow on tuesday. We walk a bit around in the city center and we manage to see some interesting things. One of these things is the Reykjavík Cathedral. It is a pretty beautiful building and it is quite big. We go inside and there is someone playing at the organ.

Reykjavík Cathedral

There are a few record stores in the city center, but we do not manage to find nice vinyls. When we are surfing on the internet, my boyfriend actually comes across this phallological museum. We have a laugh about it, but then it appears we are right in front of the museum by chance. Let’s go inside, since we are already here anyway!

The Icelandic phallological museum is quite a strange, yet funny museum. They have a lot of phallic specimens from all kinds of animals. Some of them are really huge, for example from the sperm whale. It is a small museum, but it is quite fascinating to see all these penises all together in this tiny place.

Sun Voyager sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason

In the evening we walk along the shore and we see the Sun Voyager sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. We have dinner at the restaurant Hraðlestin, which serves nice curry dishes. We decide to go to bed early, since we have a Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle tour on wednesday.

City trip to Reykjavík in Iceland

Blue Lagoon

On wednesday we start the day early and we take the Gray Line bus to the Blue Lagoon. When we arrive around 9 am it is still dark and quiet. I only bring my bikini and towel with me. Renting bath robes and slippers is pretty expensive, so I skip these things. The water in the Blue Lagoon looks milky blue and it is pleasantly warm, it is usually between 37 °C and 40 °C.

Blue Lagoon

As you can see the sky is still dark outside. At the Blue Lagoon you can put a silica mud mask on your face, which deep cleanses your skin. It looks funny walking around with a white mask on your face, but then again, most of the people have the mask on. I really like the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon and we get to see the sunrise, which is an amazing view. It is getting more crowded and we get out of the lagoon around 11 am.

Blue Lagoon

Golden Circle Express Tour

After the Blue Lagoon, we take the Golden Circle express tour. Our first stop is at the Þingvellir National Park.

Þingvellir National Park

The landscape from there is very beautiful. As you can see, most of it is covered in snow. That is one of the main reasons that I want to visit Iceland, to see the beautiful nature. We have half an hour there to walk around, before we need to hop onto the bus. Our guide of the Golden Circle tour is also very funny. He tells a lot of background information and we also pass by a location where the serie Games of Thrones has shot some scenes.

Our second stop is the Gullfoss waterfalls. Although part of the waterfall is frozen, it is very beautiful. As you can see we have a clear sunny day, which I’m very happy about.

Gullfoss waterfalls

Our final stop is the Strokkur Geysir. As you can see, it is getting dark already and it is only 4.30 pm.

Strokkur Geysir

This is a hot spring area with boiling mud pits. We actually see some exploding geysers, which spouts water around 30 meters high.

Strokkur Geysir

You need to be careful around the Strokkur Geysir, since the water temperature is around 80 °C – 100  °C, you can easily burn yourself. Unfortunately the Golden Circle tour comes to an end and that is also our final night in Iceland.

Goodbye Reykjavík

On thursday we need to get up early, since our transfer picks us up at 4 am at our hotel. I really enjoy our city trip to Reykjavík, even better than New York, unfortunately it is always too short! I want to go back! Do you like Reykjavík? Leave a comment below!

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