Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

Recently I had a lunch at the Club Vers restaurant in The Hague. In this post I will tell you more about the restaurant.

Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

Club Vers is open during the whole day and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is next to The Hague Holland Spoor station. The interior of the restaurant is pretty cozy. There are some couches and a lot of wooden accents, which makes you feel like home. The menu has a lot of options, but as you know I am an avocado lover. Club Vers has an avocado toast on their menu and of course I order this. It is a toast with avocado, lime and chives. You can also order it with salmon and I happen to love salmon, so I chose for the avocado salmon toast together with a fresh honey dew melon juice.

Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

Avocado toast

The avocado toast finally arrives and funnily it has a shape of a croissant. I like the avocado toast and I am glad that I ordered it with salmon. Without the salmon, I think the toast will be a bit plain, with only avocado and no any other special taste to the toast.

Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

The honey dew melon juice is very nice! I think that there is a hint of ginger to the juice, which gives it an extra boost. But some parts of my avocado toast is a bit burnt, which is unfortunate. I think that they could do better job on this.


After finishing the lunch we still want to eat something, so we order some dessert. There is only one brownie left and my friend orders it. So I order the carrot cake instead, together with a fresh mint tea with honey.

Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

Although I normally don’t order a carrot cake, I must say that this is a nice piece of cake. It is a bit on the heavy side. At last but not least, there is my fresh mint tea. It is one of these things that I always like to drink, especially when it is cold outside.

Club Vers restaurant in The Hague

Club Vers

I like the food at Club Vers and the staff is friendly. The interior of the restaurant is very nice, so definitely worth a visit! You can visit their website here. Club Vers is located at the Stationsweg 136a in The Hague.

What do you think of Club Vers? Leave a comment below!

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