Downsizing movie review

Downsizing movie review

A new movie is out now in the theatres, I recently saw the movie Downsizing. In this post I will tell you about the Downsizing movie review.

Downsizing movie review

Downsizing movie review

The movie is set in the near future. A couple of scientists discover a way to shrink humans to five inches tall, this is an irreversible process called Downsizing. Since earth has been dealing with overpopulation, Downsizing seems like the perfect solution for the humans. Next to this, it is environmentally friendly, since there is a huge reduction of waste.

Paul and Audrey are a couple who are dealing with financial issues. At a college reunion they meet a couple who have downsized and starts to think about going through the procedure themselves.

When you downsize, you will get a huge increase in value of your money. That will make Paul and Audrey very rich and they decide to downsize and move to Leisureland, where all the downsized people are living.

My thoughts on Downsizing

Downsizing movie review

I am not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys, but there are some things I want to comment on. Firstly, the movie is not really a comedy. I expected a whole different movie to be honest.

Secondly, the story is all over the place, I don’t know what the director and writers were thinking.

At last but not least, the acting of this movie is quite poor. Hong Chau is very annoying and Matt Damon is a wimp.

Downsizing has quite some interesting elements, but it is poorly executed. I am not very excited about this movie. But maybe you will like the movie, better than I do.



What do you think of Downsizing? Leave a comment below!

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