Fifty Shades Freed movie review

Fifty Shades Freed movie review

Today the new Fifty Shades movie is out. In this post I will tell you more about the new Fifty Shades Freed movie review.

Fifty Shades Freed movie review

Fifty Shades Freed movie review

The movie is the last chapter of the Fifty Shades franchise. If you have seen the two previous movies, you will know by now that Anastasia and Christian are engaged. Fifty Shades Freed starts with their wedding scene, which is beautiful. Then the new pair goes on a honeymoon to Paris and Cannes, where they have a lovely time.

During their honeymoon someone tries to set fire in Grey’s office, so the newlyweds head back home. Since Christian is overly protected, he makes sure that Ana has two bodyguards from now on, to protect her safety.

When Ana goes back to work she is promoted to fiction editor. Her friend Kate asks her to join her for drinks after work and Ana is happy to catch up with her. When Ana comes home, some intruder tries to kidnap Ana. Will the new married couple be safe and happy after all?

Pathe Ladies Night Deluxe

Me and my friend Kristy saw this movie during the Ladies Night in Pathé Buitenhof. When you enter the cinema you will first get a drink, you can get a prosecco or some fresh orange juice. During the ladies night deluxe there are several stands, where you can buy items like handbags, beauty accessoires and also some kinky toys, in the theme of Fifty Shades. There is also a stand where you can let them do your nails, so my friend Kristy decides to let the lady do her nails with some gel nail polish.

Pathe Ladies Night deluxe

Further more there are plenty of food you can enjoy. There are for example some spring rolls, cheese, chocolate and cookies. Additionally there are some lovely snacks like cotton candy, macarons and brownies. The ladies night is usually pretty crowded, but it’s nice. Pathé Buitenhof is one of the nicest cinemas around and the staff is very friendly.

When you go into the movies, there is also some prize lottery where you can win a prize. After the movies they always give you a goodie bag. To be honest, I must say that the contents of the goodie bag is extremely dissapointing. Okay now onto the movie review.

My thoughts on Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed movie review

I am not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys, but there are some things I want to comment on. Firstly, the movie feels kinda rushed! The wedding scene don’t last 5 minutes of the movie, which is a shame.

Secondly, the movie has some intimate scenes, but compared to the previous two movies, the scenes doesn’t seem too exciting.

Overall the movie is nice for the fans, they will appreciate this. I like this movie better than Fifty Shades Darker to be honest. If you want to watch a movie with some drama and some bits of thriller, this movie is for you.



What do you think of Fifty Shades Freed? Leave a comment below!

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