Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam

Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam

Recently I had dinner with my old classmate. We went to the Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam. This is actually a new restaurant in Rotterdam.

Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam

The Jamie’s Diner is a restaurant by Jamie Oliver which serves burgers, inspired by American diners. You can go there for your lunch or dinner.

The restaurant is pretty big. There are lots of wooden tables and it makes you feel like home. Because we are with only two persons, we could not make a reservation, but luckily there are seats available for us.

Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam


Jamie’s Diner serve a lot of different drinks. You can order cocktails, wines and beer. We decide to order a Berry Blast stone cold sober mocktail. It has strawberry and passion fruit purée, shaken up with lemon, sugar syrup and cranberry juice. I really like my drink. Because we are a bit hungry, we skip the starters and decide to order the main course.

Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam

Main course

I order the jerk buttermilk chicken burger, which is a jerked buttermilked and fried free-range chicken breast, with tomato, pineapple and habanero relish, rum-spiked yoghurt and lettuce. For the side dish I chose for the skinny fries. The main course arrive pretty past. I think my burger is quite good, it has a great flavor.

Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam

However the burger is a bit spicy, but I can take spicy dishes pretty well. My friend took a bite of my burger and she thinks that the burger is very spicy. The skinny fries are nice and along with that I get some red cabbage cole salad. To be honest I am not a fan of red cabbage, so I leave that unfinished.

We are actually quite full, but we decide to have some dessert. In the end my friend and I order the diner mud pie. According to the menu it is the best chocolate cake ever.

Jamie’s Diner restaurant in Rotterdam

The diner mud pie is very nice, but extremely heavy. It comes with some whipped cream and caramel coated popcorn, which I happen to love. We knew that the cake would be quite heavy, so I am quite happy we decide to share the cake.

Jamie’s Diner

I think that the food at the Jamie’s Diner is quite nice. The waiters are enthusiastic and the atmosphere is nice. You can visit their website here.
The Jamie’s Diner restaurant is located at the Weena 296 in Rotterdam.

What do you think of the Jamie’s Diner? Leave a comment below!

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