Jamie’s Italian restaurant in The Hague

Jamie’s Italian restaurant in The Hague

At saturday we had dinner with my old classmate and her husband. We went to the Jamie’s Italian restaurant in The Hague. This is actually a new restaurant in the city.

Jamie’s Italian restaurant in The Hague

The Jamie’s Italian is a restaurant by Jamie Oliver which serves dishes inspired by the Italian kitchen. You can go there for your lunch or dinner. They are usually very busy for dinner, so make sure you reserve a table.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty cozy. There are lots of wooden accents and it makes you feel like home. Luckily we made a reservation on time and we get a cozy seat at the back of the restaurant.

Drinks and starters

Jamie's Italian restaurant in The Hague

Jamie’s Italian serve a lot of different drinks. You can order cocktails, wines and beer. But you can also order soft drinks and I chose the homemade lemonade. It has fresh lemon, sugar, mint leaves and soda. You can choose a fruity flavor with it as well and I chose for mango. I really like my lemonade. My boyfriend orders the strawberry lemonade.

Jamie's Italian restaurant in The Hague

For the starters we order the nachos and my friend order the olives. The nachos are unlike any other nachos! They look like ravioli and they taste like Hamka’s chips. Inside the nachos there is some cheese and it is yummy, but very different than regular nachos. The olives of my friend are really huge and they do have a pit inside. Personally I don’t like olives, so I never have them myself.


Main course

After finishing the nachos and olives, we wait for our main course. At our table we order a pizza, a hamburger and 2 pastas. I order the spaghetti Alla Norma, which is a classic Sicilian pasta dish of aubergine, chilli and basil in a rich tomato sauce. Wow, I must say that the pasta Alla Norma is extremely good. I think it’s the best pasta yet, plus it’s a vegetarian dish. The aubergine is very yummy and the pasta has a great flavor.

Spaghetti Alla Norma

We do not share our dishes, but I hear that the other pizza and pasta is good. Also the hamburger seem to be very yummy, so I might order that another time when I am here.

We are actually very full, but I still want to have some dessert. There are so many options and it’s difficult to make a decision. In the end my friend and her husband order the white chocolate cheesecake and I order the Vin Santo Tiramisù. This is a classic Italian dessert with vin santo, chocolate shavings and orange zest.

Vin Santo Tiramisù

To be honest the presentation isn’t exactly impressive, but the tiramisù is actually very yummy. With each bite you can taste a bit of the orange zest and I really like the combination of orange with cake or chocolate.

Jamie’s Italian

I love the food at the Jamie’s Italian. The waiters are open and friendly, the food is super delicious. I will come here again. They also have a restaurant in Rotterdam. You can visit their website here.
The Jamie’s Italian restaurant is located at the Grote Marktstraat 37 in The Hague.

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