Korean restaurant Kimchi House in The Hague

Korean restaurant Kimchi House in The Hague

Yesterday it was my birthday and last night we went for dinner at the Korean restaurant Kimchi House in The Hague. Today I will write a review about this restaurant.

Korean restaurant Kimchi House in The Hague

I have been to the Kimchi House restaurant several times before. Last night we were hungry and decided to have my birthday dinner there. We didn’t plan much, so some restaurants were already full. Luckily there is still a table for us at the Kimchi House restaurant.

The Kimchi House restaurant is in the city center of The Hague. It is located at a square behind the China Town. I am quite fond of kimchi lately, I find myself buying kimchi at the Asian supermarkets. Unfortunately it does make the fridge kinda smelly, so lately I stopped buying the kimchi because of that.

All you can eat food and drinks

The Kimchi House restaurant has the all you can eat formula, which means you can order up to 3 dishes each round, per person. Next to that you also have the all you can drink, which means you can drink soda which is in their fridge. First they serve you get 5 side dishes. The dishes are spicy radish, seasoned spinach, spicy cucumber, kimchi and sautéed matchstick potatoes.

side dishes

On their menu they have a lot of dishes you can order from. I think Kimchi House has a lot of interesting dishes. I ordered kimchi pancake, which is quite spicy.

kimchi pancake

Some dishes are larger than the other, but they are all delicious. I also ordered the dukbokki, which are Korean spicy rice cakes. This is a popular Korean street food. However I have never visited Korea before. I still want to visit South-Korea someday.


Of course we also order the bibimbap with beef. This is a dish with Korean rice mixed with meat, an egg and assorted vegetables. I really love this dish! This dish comes with an raw egg yolk, which you need to mix with the rice. The hot stone pot is very hot, so you can easily stir fry this hot dish together.



At the second round we decided to order some bulgogi and chicken. Each table has their own bbq grill, which is very easy to use. You only need to switch the heat on with a button and then you can put the meat on the grill.


The grill gets hot very quickly, so we don’t need to wait a long time before our food is ready. It’s nice to hear the meat making a sizzling sound on the hot plate.

Korean restaurant Kimchi House in The Hague

When the meat is done, you can put the meat on a lettuce leaf. You can add some rice, vegetables and sauce to it and then you can eat this by hand. I really love bulgogi. The only down side is that you smell like Korean food afterwards from head to toe, because of the open grill.

Kimchi House restaurant

I like the concept of the all you can eat and drink at the Kimchi House restaurant. The service is so so, since you can get the drinks from the fridge, you only need to order food. The waiters doesn’t seem to be open and friendly, but that’s okay. We come here for the food anyway.

The Kimchi House is located at the Rabbijn Maarsenplein 22 in The Hague. You can visit their website here.

What do you think of the Kimchi House restaurant? Leave a comment below!

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