New York, the city that never sleeps

New York, the city that never sleeps

In november we had our holiday to New York, the city that never sleeps. In this post I will tell you more about our holiday.

New York, the city that never sleeps

This is actually my fourth visit to New York. For the third time in a row I visit New York, after my trip in 2015 with a friend and last year travelling alone. This year I visit New York with my boyfriend. Actually it is a combination trip to Iceland as well, but I will write about Iceland in another post.

Iceland Air

Our journey starts at tuesday. We take the train to Schiphol and check-in. I am quite hungry, so I decide to buy a sandwich at La Place, since we have enough time before boarding.  There is nothing unusual about our trip so far. We fly with Iceland Air. After boarding we wait to take off, but it takes sometime. Suddenly they say that there is this technical failure at Schiphol airport and that we will depart one hour later. Oh no! Not again!

During our previous trip to Ibiza we have a major problem with Ryanair and now this?! All these technical problems gives me a lot of stress. After one hour the plane does depart and we arrive at Keflavik airport for our stopover. There is only 30 minutes left before our next plane departs, luckily we make it on time! Pfew we are very lucky this time!

New York, the city that never sleeps

Millennium Hilton New York Downtown

We finally arrive at the JFK airport and take our Go Air link van to our hotel. Unfortunately we are in the Financial district, which is at the bottom of Manhattan. The driver drops off everyone and apparently we are the last passengers who gets a drop off at our hotel. By the time we arrive it is already 9.30 pm. To tell you the truth, I am exhausted! It is already past midnight in The Netherlands and I am not even hungry anymore. My boyfriend is hungry so he decides to grab some food outside, while I just want to sleep. Now I remember why I don’t like stop overs, it takes so much of your day and energy and in the end it’s not really worth it.

We stay at the Millennium Hilton New York Downtown. The hotel room is okay, we have the most huge flat screen TV ever! Our bed is fluffy and I am glad that we can finally sleep!

Millennium Hilton New York Downtown


At wednesday we still need to recover from our exhausting flight, so we don’t have a lot of activities. We wake up to a beautiful sunrise of New York. Our room is up the 41st floor, so the view is amazing from there.

New York, the city that never sleeps

We buy an unlimited subway card for a week and decide to travel to Brooklyn. I am a fan of avocados and there is also an avocado bar in New York, Brooklyn! The funny thing is, we enter Avocaderia and to our surprise there are 3 Dutch guys who just arrive at the same time like us. I decide to our a Mediterranean toast and a mango avocado smoothie. They are nice, but the smoothie has a weird aftertaste. I cannot really explain it, but maybe I expect the smoothie to be sweeter.


After Avocaderia we visit a record store where my boyfriend buys a limited edition Placebo vinyl. I remember him saying ‘oh if we are in NY we can perhaps visit this record store’. It seems like we get to visit all these things we want to go after all. In the evening we go to a mall in Brooklyn which has the shop Hot Topic. I must say that the store is kinda disappointing. It doesn’t carry the items I expect and the staff is very rude, which is a pity.

In the evening we have dinner at Chipotle, I just love their rice bowl with chicken, salsa, beans, sour cream, corn, salad, cheese and guacamole. I wish they have this in The Netherlands as well.


Macy’s parade

On thursday it is Thanksgiving and we decide to head out to grab some yummy bagels. At Ess-a-Bagel, they sell the most delicious bagels. I really like their everything bagel. I order my favorite bagels, an everything bagel with cream cheese and yet another everything bagel with peanut butter and jelly. Both bagels are extremely good, if you ever are in NY, don’t forget to grab some bagels here! There is a long line, but it is worth it.


I kinda miss out on a lot of the Macy’s parade, which is a shame. Due to my hungry belly I decide to buy bagels first and it is quite a few streets away from the parade. By the time we head back to the parade I miss out on Gwen Stefani, Goo Goo Dolls and Gaten Matarazzo. Oh no!

Macy's Parade

We do get to see a lot of big balloons and suddenly we see a car passing by with some guys on it. It turns out to be Nick Lachey and the other members of 98 degrees haha. That is funny, I remember Nick from the MTV series Newlyweds and never hear from them again.

Nick Lachey

On Thanksgiving day they close down a lot of shops. We actually want to have dinner at Republic, but it is not open! In the end we grab a burger at Burger King, sad huh?

Black friday

On friday it is black friday and we take the bus to Woodbury Commons. For the ones who does not know what this is, it is a famous outlet center nearby New York. Since it is still pretty far away from Manhattan we just take a bus to go there, which is much cheaper and more convenient than to rent a car and drive by yourself. This is my third visit to Woodbury and I think it will be my last visit.

It is just getting more crowdy every year and the stores don’t carry that much interesting things anymore. The previous two years the items still appeal to me. This year I don’t see anything I like at Michael Kors or Kate Spade. I only grab some sweaters at U.S. Polo Assn. and a some dresses at Express. My boyfriend doesn’t find anything nice either so we leave early from Woodbury.

We end up shopping in Macy’s and passing by the Times Square.

Times square



On friday evening we go to Soho and I grab some macarons at Ladurée. We also go to the Dominique Ansel Bakery. Of course there is a line and the cronuts are not available anymore, but I manage to grab a DKA. This is the “Dominique’s Kouign Amann”, which is a flaky and tender bread with caramelized layers. I must admit that the DKA is very yummy.


Luckily this time the Republic restaurant is open and we have dinner there. Finally something more healthy for dinner is not a bad idea. I order chicken pad thai and a pineapple coconut cooler. This is a yummy drink which consists of pineapple juice, orange juice, lime and coconut cream. The pad thai is yummy, but the bowl is way too big. I don’t get to finish half of it, which is a waste I know.

Pad thai

Staten Island

On saturday we decide to take the ferry to Staten Island. We are lucky that the ferry is about to leave when we arrive. We manage to find a spot at the back of the ferry. It is a sunny day, so luckily it isn’t cold.

New York, the city that never sleeps

The view is pretty amazing from the free ferry plus it also passes the Statue of Liberty. It is a beautiful sight to see it from up close. Of course you can also take a Statue of liberty cruise and go up the crown, but there is a huge line and we don’t want to go through that hassle. Watching it from afar from the free ferry is good enough for us.

Statue of Liberty

In the evening we take a train to New Jersey to go to the Macy’s. I am looking for some Stranger Things plush toys, but unfortunately the stores don’t carry it. Furthermore I am also looking for Oreo Cereal, but it appears that it is only available at the Walmart. I don’t feel so well on saturday evening, but we decide to have a dinner at Chili’s. Since I am not so hungry I order a chicken bacon ranch quesadillas. It is a dish with chicken, shredded cheese, chile spices, bacon and house-made ranch. The dish is pretty good, but since I am not feeling too well, I just have a few pieces only.


Last day in New York

On sunday it is our last day in New York. The time goes so fast when you are having fun! We decide to visit the Dominique Ansel Bakery again and this time the line is shorter. For a moment I thought they are running out of cronuts again, but no stress, we could buy them after all! A cronut is chef Dominique Ansel’s signature ‘half-croissant, half doughnut’ pastry.


The november’s cronut flavor is hazelnut ganache and caramelized banana jam. I must say that the cronut is very sweet and the banana jam filling is extremely heavy. The texture is interesting, but a bit too sweet for my taste. Maybe the other flavors of the month are less heavy than this one.

Personally I think I prefer the DKA instead of the cronut, because the DKA is less sweet. I do understand the hype, but if you every find yourself buying a cronut, buy a DKA as well. Let me know which of these is your favorite okay?

We have a little time left, but we manage to take a walk over the Brooklyn bridge. The weather is nice and sunny, which is always nice.

Brooklyn Bridge

Unfortunately we are running out of time, so we have to skip Central Park and the High Line. We will save these for another NY trip. Before taking the van back to JFK we pass by a comic shop and I grab a few comics back home of Penny Dreadful and Paper Girls.

Goodbye New York


I really enjoy our holiday to New York, unfortunately it is always too short! I am missing it already! Do you like New York? Leave a comment below!

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