Piñita Colada by The Body Shop review

Piñita Colada by The Body Shop review
In this post you can read my Piñita Colada by The Body Shop review. The special edition Piñita Colada line by The Body Shop is perfect for the summer days.

Piñita Colada

Piñita Colada by The Body Shop
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Piñita Colada by The Body Shop review

The Piñita Colada line has pineapple and coconut extracts from the Caribbean, as a result this summer line has a yummy tropical summer scent. Furthermore this is a special edition of The Body Shop, hence it is available at a limited time only. Therefore you should stock up if you like this line!

Shower gel

Piñita Colada shower gel

The shower gel is soap-free and has a lather-rich formula. Excuse me for the photo, I kinda messed up when I put the shower gel on my hand. I like this shower gel, it is lightweight and refreshing. Above all, the tropical summer scent gives me a holiday feeling.
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Body scrub

Piñita Colada body scrub

The Piñita Colada Body Scrub consists real shredded coconut and the texture of this body exfoliator is creamy. With the use of this scrub you can scrub away dead skin cells. During the summer it is good to use some scrub to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. When you scrub yourself you will scrub away a bit of your tan too, so I would suggest you not to use the scrub on a daily basis. After using the scrub it leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother. As was previously stated, the scrub is creamy, however I wish this scrub to be more grainy instead.
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Body butter

Piñita Colada body butter

 The Body Shop is famous for their body butters, thus I have used a few of them in the past. Hence I bought this body butter, because I want to use this after my shower. The formula of the Piñita Colada body butter is rich. Nevertheless I have not used the body butters for a while anymore, so I have to get used to the texture. During the summer months I like to put lightweight body creams after shower, therefore I bought the body sorbet as well. The body butter comes in two sizes, the mini size which has 50 ml and the regular body butter of 200 ml. In all honesty I bought both of the sizes, because the mini version is really cute. Besides this, you can take the mini body butter during holidays, it is more practical in any case.
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Body sorbet

Piñita Colada body sorbet

First I asked The Body Shop to give me a sample of the body sorbet, because I was not sure whether I would like it. The Body Shop was happy to make a sample for me, so that I could try this beforehand. The texture of the body sorbet is gel like, so it absorbs quickly. Finally, I found the perfect combination to use! In short I prefer the body sorbet better than the body butter, due to the fact that the body sorbet absorbs quicker. However I do like the body butter as well, but I prefer to use the body sorbet instead.
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As a pineapple and coconut lover I really like this special edition Piñita Colada line by The Body Shop. In short I think this is the perfect line to use during the summer. By the way, in this post I have not added the prices, sorry! Due to the different currencies in each country, it is hard to tell you the correct prices. Because of this, I would strongly suggest you to check out the store locator. Additionally, you can purchase the line in their online shop.
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