Pusheen The Cat cute goodies

Pusheen The Cat cute goodies

This post is dedicated to the Pusheen the Cat cute goodies. Recently there are a lot of cute goodies for sale of Pusheen.

Pusheen the Cat

Who is Pusheen? You probably know Pusheen by now, she is a digital kitten. Pusheen Corp is the producer of the animated web comic series of Pusheen. You can use Pusheen as an animated gif in your Facebook messages and there are tons of stuff for sale of Pusheen. A few of the stores who carry Pusheen goodies are Primark, Claire’s and Urban Outfitters. For the Pusheen fans, there is even a subscription box where you can sign up to!

Pusheen The Cat cute goodies

Since June there are a lot of sale going on in every store. I could not contain myself and grabbed a lot of Pusheen goodies. They are all so very cute! Below you can find a selection of the Pusheen goodies which I bought.

Pusheen The Cat

From left to right: T-shirt, stationary set, socks, mug, slippers, throw, pen, pencil, pencil case and note book set.

Primark Pusheen goodies

Pusheen The Cat

At Primark you can find a lot of Pusheen goodies. They vary from sleepwear to socks, t-shirts to throws. The pink throw is super soft and fluffy, I think this is by far my favorite item yet of Primark. Anytime you want you can cover yourself with this fluffy pink Pusheen throw, for instance when you are watching Netflix. On the internet I have seen a Pusheen pillow, but I am not sure if Primark in The Netherlands will carry this item.

Urban Outfitters

Pusheen The Cat

During the sale of Urban Outfitters a lot of Pusheen goodies are now for grabs! The pen and pencil both has a 3D Pusheen topper, which are made of hard plastic. My favorite item of Urban Outfitters would be the Pusheen mug. The note book with Pusheen hiding behind the cupcake is also adorable.

Look at my back

Pusheen The Cat

On some items you will find a sticker “Look at my back”. So when you turn around you can see a cute print of the back of Pusheen, how lovely right? Also, at the back of the pencil case and note book there is a different print of Pusheen. The note book with Pusheen and the donut is too cute for words!

Furthermore, I have quite some more items, but I have decided to post a selection of the products. Primark keeps adding new items of Pusheen, so you might find quite some different items soon in stores. Speaking about this, I have not added the prices to this blog, sorry for that! The reason why is because the prices can differ depending where you are located. Because of the currency differences in each country, it would be hard to tell you the correct prices. I would strongly suggest you to check out the store locator on the website of Primark and Urban Outfitters, or you can shop online at Urban Outfitters like I do!

Do you have anything by Pusheen? Leave a comment below!

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