RY X Dawn album review

RY X Dawn album review

This post is about the RY X Dawn album review. I saw RY X at the Best Kept Secret 2017 festival.

Best Kept Secret festival

RY X Best Kept Secret

During the Best Kept Secret festival RY X has really blown me away with his performance. I stood right in front of him and his live performance was extremely moving. He does this thing where it seems like he is looking right into your eyes. In other words, RY X does a great job in getting in touch with his audience. His show is amazing and I hope he will come to The Netherlands again. After his show I bought the vinyl of Dawn.

RY X Dawn album review

RY X Dawn vinyl

RY X is a stage name and his real name is Ry Cuming. He is from Australia and currently lives in California. I think it is strange that I have not heard from him before. But then again I don’t listen to the radio, so there are a lot of artists I miss out on. The Dawn album is brilliant and his voice is really beautiful. It is dreamy, soft and captivating and it gets me every time. The album is slow paced, so if you don’t know RY X, you might need to get used to this album. Don’t expect it to be an upbeat album, because it is more one of these albums which you will listen to in the evenings or in the bed room.

RY X Dawn vinyl

I have the vinyl of Dawn and it comes with a download code. Furthermore it is a gate fold vinyl and the insert has lyrics printed on both sides. I especially love the song “Hold Me Love” and the rest of the album is brilliant as well. So do you know RY X? Please give his album Dawn a listen and let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below!

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