Shibuya sushi and grill restaurant in The Hague

Shibuya sushi and grill restaurant in The Hague

Last night I had a dinner at the Shibuya restaurant. Today I will write a review about the Shibuya sushi and grill restaurant in The Hague.

Shibuya sushi and grill restaurant in The Hague

Shibuya sushi and grill restaurant in The Hague

The Shibuya restaurant is in the city center of The Hague. To be honest, I have passed by the restaurant countless of times, but this is my second visit to this restaurant. As a matter of fact, Shibuya is in an alley, so if you are not familiar with The Hague, you might have missed it.

All you can eat

Shibuya restaurant sushi

The restaurant has the all you can eat formula, which means you can order up to 5 sushi’s or warm dishes each round, per person. On their menu they have over 100 of dishes you can order from. I think Shibuya has a lot of interesting dishes. They have for example melon sushi, banana sushi, kimchi sushi and peanut roll. The dishes not only look nice, but they are also delicious.

Pathé Film & Dinner

If you are a cinema lover, you can combine your dinner at Shibuya with a Pathé film & dinner arrangement. How does this actually work? You first place a reservation at the restaurant. Then you will have a regular dinner at the Shibuya restaurant. Upon getting the bill, you will pay extra for the film & dinner arrangement.

Pathe film voucher

At last, you will get a Pathé movie voucher which you can use to watch any movie you like. I think this is a good arrangement if you are a sushi and movie lover. Unfortunately, I have the Pathé Unlimited card myself, so for me the arrangement is redundant. However you can of course give this arrangement as a gift to family or friends!

Shibuya restaurant

Shibuya restaurant dessert

The Shibuya restaurant is located at the Kettingstraat 9 in The Hague. Check out their menu on their website here.

What do you think of the Shibuya restaurant? Leave a comment below!

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  • That looks fantastic. I will definitely check this restaurant when I’m traveling in the Netherlands. Looking forward to it!

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