South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

If you would like a good piece of meat, you can go to the South of Houston restaurant in The Hague. In this post I will tell you more about the restaurant.

South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

The South of Houston restaurant is famous for their dry aged meat. You can go there for dinner or grab a snack at the bar in the evenings. They are usually very busy for dinner, so make sure you reserve a table.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty cozy. The lights are dim and there are lots of wooden accents and it makes you feel like home. Luckily we made a reservation on time and we get a cozy seat at the back of the restaurant.


The South of Houston serve a lot of different drinks. You can order a lot of different wines. But you can also order soft drinks and I chose the ice tea green.

South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

For the starters I order the carpaccio. This is one of my favorite dishes to have as a starter and it usually never dissapoints me. I like the carpaccio here, I wish they would serve me more.

Main course

After finishing the carpaccio, we wait for our main course. I ask the waiter which steak is the softest and he advises me to order the Black Angus flank steak. This is a grilled piece of steak with a crunchy hazelnut-herb crust.

South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

The flank steak comes with some butter with herbs. Honestly, this is one of the best steak ever! It is extremely juicy, soft and tender. The dish also comes with some fries and salad.

South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

We are actually very full, but I still want to have some dessert. There are so many options and it’s difficult to make a decision. In the end I decide to order the passionfruit eton mess. This is actually a dish with passionfruit curt, meringue, cream and nuts.

South of Houston restaurant in The Hague

To be honest the presentation isn’t exactly impressive, but the passionfruit eton mess taste heavenly. With each bite you can taste the passionfruit and cream and I really like the combination of this fresh dessert.

South of Houston

I love the food at the South of Houston restaurant. The waiters are open and friendly, the food is super delicious. I will come here again, but I must say that the restaurant is quite expensive. You can visit their website here.
The South of Houston restaurant is located at the Lange Houtstraat 3 in The Hague.

What do you think of the South of Houston? Leave a comment below!

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