Steak bulgogi at the Wagamama restaurant

Steak bulgogi at the Wagamama restaurant

At saturday we went to the Designer outlet in Roermond. After some shopping I ordered the steak bulgogi at the Wagamama restaurant.

The philosophy of kaizen

Steak bulgogi at the Wagamama restaurant

25 years ago Wagamama opened their first restaurant in London. Their philosophy is ‘kaizen’, this means ‘good change’. With this in mind they strive to create and make things better. At the Wagamama restaurants you can order Asian food, like Japanese ramen and curry dishes. The Wagamama restaurants are pretty popular in The Netherlands as well.

The interior of the Wagamama restaurants is usually very clean. To illustrate this: they have wooden benches and long tables. The style of the design is very simple. Furthermore, the Wagamama restaurant in Roermond is pretty big.

Steak bulgogi at the Wagamama restaurant

Steak bulgogi at the Wagamama restaurant

I have been to Wagamama quite often and at saturday I decided to go for the steak bulgogi. This dish has marinated steak slices, miso-fried aubergine slices, soba noodles with a sesame and bulgogi sauce. On the side you will find some spring onions, kimchi and a half tea-stained egg. Additionally I have a fruit juice, this is a mix of apple, orange and passion fruit.

Fruit juice at the Wagamama restaurant

To be honest the steak isn’t as tender as I hoped it would be, unfortunately the steak is a bit dry. In all honesty, I like my steak medium rare. On the other hand the soba noodles are very salty and oily. The steak bulgogi is okay, but I have tasted better dishes. Other than that, the fruit juice taste good as they always do. I really like the Wagamama concept, hopefully my next visit will be better!

Wagamama restaurants

The Wagamama restaurant is located at the Stadsweide 624-626, Designer outlet in Roermond. Check out their menu and other restaurants on their website here.

What do you think of the Wagamama restaurants? Leave a comment below!

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