The Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague

The Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague

Recently a new restaurant opened in The Hague which sells Poké bowls. In this post I will tell you more about the Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague.

The Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague

The Poké Labs opened their doors recently, just a few weeks ago in january in The Hague. Poké Labs is every day open from 11.30 am till 20.30 pm and they serve Poké bowls and Poké burgers for lunch and dinner. Furthermore, you can order drinks like Calpis sodas, yummy smoothies and fresh ice teas. The restaurant is next to Plein, which is in the city centre of The Hague. The menu has a lot of options and the best thing is, that you can create your own Poké bowl!

When you walk into the restaurant, you will see the counter immediately. You can place your order and take a seat at the back of the restaurant, they have a few tables there, but you can also take away your Poké bowls. Additionally, they also deliver via Deliveroo and Foodora.

The Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague

This is actually my first Poké bowl ever and I order a large bowl with salad, salmon, avocado, cherry tomatos, zucchini, wakame seaweed. I chose a sesame soya dressing and a few toppings. Do you know that you can chose as many toppings as you like? I chose the nori flakes, fried onions and fried garlic. I really like my first Poké bowl, the ingredients are fresh and yummy. Although the bowl is a large bowl, I am not used to eating salad for dinner, so after finishing my bowl I still feel like I want to eat something else.

The Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague

Poké bowl with nachos

The other day we feel like staying at home, so we decide to order a takeaway from the Poké Labs. In the restaurant I already saw that there is also an option to order a Poké bowl with nachos. During my first time I already tried the Poké bowl with salad, so this time I decide to order a Poké bowl with nachos. The nachos Poké bowl was available in medium size, but they recently changed this to a large nachos bowl! The delivery arrives within 30 minutes and there is my yummy medium Poké bowl with nachos.

The Poké Labs restaurant in The Hague

This time my medium Poké bowl has nachos, salmon, avocado, cherry tomatos and wakame seaweed. I chose the sesame soya dressing again, since it is perfect for my Poké bowl. Additionally, I chose the nori flakes, fried onions and fried garlic as my toppings. I really like my second Poké bowl, although eating nachos with a fork is not the most handy way, so I grab them with my hands instead.

Poké Labs

The Poké bowls at Poké Labs are very yummy and the staff is very friendly. I will come back and try other Poké bowls!
Poké Labs is located at the Korte Poten 23 in The Hague. Check out their Facebook here.

What do you think of Poké Labs? Leave a comment below!

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