The Shape of Water movie review

The Shape of Water movie review

A new movie by Guillermo del Toro is out now, hence this post is about the new The Shape of Water movie review.

The Shape of Water movie review

The Shape of Water movie review

Elisa Esposito is an orphan, who was found on the riverbank when she was a child. She has scars in her neck and is mute, so she communicates through sign language. Elisa works at a secret government laboratory as a janitor. She does not have a lot of friends, her neighbor Giles and her colleague Zelda are the only one who cares for her. One day a creature arrives at the laboratory and Elisa starts to visit the creature on a daily basis. She secretly gives the creature eggs and listens to music with him. However the government wants to kill the creature and orders colonel Strickland to do this. Since the creature means a lot to Elisa, she is planning to kidnap the creature from the laboratory. Will she be able to take away the creature and keep him safe?

My thoughts on The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water movie review

I am not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys, but there are some things I want to comment on. Firstly, the movie has a beautiful score, it really fits the story well.

Secondly, the actors has done a great job. Michael Shannon is really creepy as colonel Strickland. He makes a good villain and not likable at all. Octavia Spencer is very funny in her role as Zelda, I wish to see more of her.

At last but not least, the story itself is a simple tale. I hoped that there would be more background story to to the movie.

The Shape of Water is a weird and romantic movie, but I highly recommend it. The movie is beautiful and artistic. If you like artful fairy tales, don’t miss out on The Shape of Water!



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