Wonder Woman movie review

Wonder Woman movie review

The Wonder Woman movie is out now, hence this post is a Wonder Woman movie review.

Wonder Woman movie review

Wonder Woman movie

Wonder Woman is a superhero movie from DC Comics. To be honest I never saw anything yet of Wonder Woman, so the whole story and movie is new to me. Funnily enough I do have some t-shirts and MAC Cosmetics make up with the Wonder Woman theme. I always have liked the WW of Wonder Woman, because I have the same initials.

Gal Gadot stars as Diana, the princess of the Amazons in the movie Wonder Woman. She is the daughter of the queen Hippolyta. First we see a young girl portraying the role of Diana. The little girl is so adorable, I love her! Growing up Hippolyta tells Diana the tales of Ares and Zeus. The movie starts off kinda dream-like because of the beautiful island where the Amazons lives on.

Hippolyta forbids Diana to go on training, but Diana is determined to train as a warrior. This is when she discovers she is more powerful than the other Amazon women. Diana soon meets Steve, this is the role of Chris Pine. Diana believes she needs to rescue the world and she leaves together with Steve on a mission.

Wonder Woman movie

My thoughts on Wonder Woman

I am not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys, but there are some things I want to comment on. Gal Gadot, what a beautiful woman is she! I think she is well cast for the role of Wonder Woman, she is not only pretty, but also very brave. I do not recall any movie with a female superhero lately, so it is very refreshing to see such a powerful woman on screen. She does a great job and certainly kick ass!

The role of Chris Pine on the other hand is quite quite dull. His lines are super cheesy and I think his role isn’t so impressive. Maybe that is the point of his role, I am not sure. Sometimes the movie has some surreal scenes, but overall I like the Wonder Woman movie. It is packed with a lot of action, a pretty lady and some funny scenes.



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