Z-Box Guardians Mystery Box of Zavvi

Z-Box Guardians Mystery Box of Zavvi

Yesterday I finally received my  Z-Box Guardians Mystery Box of Zavvi. It took them months to ship it and I was really excited… Untill I opened the box. I kinda was upset, what a let down!

Z-Box Guardians Mystery Box Zavvi

They said it contains 3 Funko items, which is true. So I was curious if everyone else got the same content. To my suprise a lot of Youtubers made an Unboxing video with different items. I so wished I got the Groot Funko doll too, because that’s the one on my list for the longest of time! But no, I got a different Funko instead.

Contents of my Guardians Mystery Box

Below you will see a photo of the contents of my Z-box. Not every box has the same contents, but be aware of spoilers ahead!

Z-Box Guardians Mystery Box Zavvi

The contents of my Z-Box Guardians Mystery Box are:

  • Groot action figure from GOTG vol 1
  • Ego Funko doll
  • Rocket Funko doll
  • Baby Groot key chain
  • Wristbands
  • Lego of the Milano ship
  • Korath Dorbz from GOTG vol 1
  • GOTG  Mystery finger doll
  • Stickers

A closer look

You can squeeze the legs of the Groot action figure and he will grow a bit taller, but action figures are more for kids in my opinion. I was not a fan of Ego and I am not happy with my Ego Funko since I saw a lot of others got a Groot Funko instead. The Rocket Funko is pretty nice, it has a lot of details.

I already had a Groot key chain, but this is a different one. I really don’t know what to do with the wristbands and the stickers to be honest. The Lego and Korath Dorbz aren’t too exciting and I haven’t opened the mystery finger doll.


So you can understand why I am unhappy with my box. Sigh the other Nintendo Z-box of Zavvi was also not so great, so I don’t think I will order any Z-Boxes anymore. Sorry Zavvi, leave some contents out like stickers, Lego and wristbands for example.

I am not so sure what to do with this mystery box yet. Did you ordered a Z-box? Leave a comment below!

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